Thursday, April 12, 2012

Avacyn Restored set review, continued in Sonnet form

The new planeswalker, Tibalt, double-red
Half-devil, born of brimstone and of soot
Emo hair and horns sprout from his head
For +1 loyalty, he'll let you loot
The cheapest 'walker--only needs two lands
He filters cards for incremental gains
Deals damage based on cards in people's hands
And maybe lets you grab ALL of the reins
A niche card, though; won't fit in ev'ry build
You'll want Flashback-type stuff that you can pitch
Protect him so he doesn't just get killed
And hope that things go off without a hitch
So on the whole, I guess he seems okay
But I don't think he'll see much Standard play.

Cathars' Crusade is awesome. What a bomb!
I plan to play the shit out of this card
I'll cast it in my Rhys deck and it's on.
All of my guys will hit absurdly hard.
+1/+1 dice ticking up to six
Just think of all the awesome things to do
This card enables lots of crazy tricks
Not just for Timmy; Johnny loves it too
Try it with Ghave for making lots of men
Pollenbright Wings seems pretty good with it
Sac your Kitchen Finks, sac it again
There's hella ways this card goes infinite
So pay five mana, no-one should be hatin'
And sit back as those cathars go crusadin'.

The Bonfire of the Damned is double-X
But "Miracle" might let you cast it cheaper
Late in the game, it absolutely wrecks
And early, it can still serve as a sweeper
This should be really awesome to topdeck
Imagine X is six or seven...eight!
This might be the expansion's "hot" new tech
But inconsistent--so, up for debate.
It's not as if it's crap at one or two
It answers an annoying Ling'ring Soul
But rip it off the top and it can do
X damage to each creature they control
Evaluating Miracles is tough
But Bonfire of the Damned might be enough.

If you like Tow'r Above, you'll love this one
Check out that guy who's stomping up that place
A guy gets huge and tramples everyone
It lets you do some serious bashing face
This was a reddit preview. How 'bout that.
It's nice to see them get exclusive stuff.
And this card's certainly worth looking at
For green decks, hey, it just might be enough
It's Basilisk and Lure rolled up in one
Okay, not deathtouch--still, it's pretty sick
It's classic and it seems like lots of fun
And Limited: a windmill-slam first-pick
So if you're feeling hunted, tap some green
Cast this and stomp them into smithereens.

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