Thursday, April 12, 2012

Avacyn Restored set review--in Haiku

Set review in Haiku
Not every card has been spoiled
But eh, whatever.

New Anthem angel
Angel of Jubilation
White weenie's bad though.

Avacyn is big
Makes stuff indestructible
Awesome, though pricey.

Banishing Stroke. Cool.
Tuck effect for Commander.
Yeah, sure, I'd play it.

Ghost Flicker, Cloudshift,
And Restoration Angel
Flicker effects...meh.

Bouncy angel is bouncy.
Maybe good in cube?

The Silverblade dude,
Double Strike Soulbond knight guy
Seems okay. I like him.

Tamiyo, Moon Sage
'Walkers are always awesome
No exception here.

Tandem Lookout? Hmm
A Soulbond Thieving Magpie
Sure, why not, seems fun.

A topdeck Time Walk?
It's Temporal Mastery.
Could be playable.

Wingcrafter: not bad
This might be underrated.
Anyway, it's cute.

4/3 Taskmaster
For three mana...uncommon?!
No Bonds of Faith, please!

Ashmouth Demonlord.
Undying is good. Sac, though...
Eh, who knows. Maybe.

Griselbrand is cool
He draws you a zillion cards
Just pay seven life.

Harvester of Souls.
Play in multiplayer, duh.
He will be insane.

"Punisher" returns
Killing Wave, Vexing Devil
Prolly not that great.

Thunderous Wrath, huh?
Five damage, one mana...'kay.
Could be a good card.

Craterhoof Fatty
Awesome fatty is awesome
Giant Overruns!

And Descendents' Path...
Awesome Terese Nielsen art!
I guess the card's fine.

Druids' Repos'try
Is this a card? I dunno.
I'm not a Johnny.

Howlgeist: hard to block
Six mana is a lot, though
Good in Limited

Joint Assault. It's fine.
This set's riff on Giant Growth.
They always do this.

And Nightshade Peddler.
Deathtouch is a good effect.
Well, for Limited.

Bruna likes Auras.
Play her instead of Uril.
Uril is boring.

Gisela is sick.
Huge body, awesome effects
This card is awesome.

Sigarda's cool too.
She's absurdly hard to kill.
Efficient stats too.

Angel's Tomb is meh.
A shout-out to Doctor Who?
Careful where you look...

Angel-making spear
Decent choice for the promo.
Not great, but splashy.

Basic land art rocks.
Artists have outdone themselves.
Bravo, guys. Bravo.

That's all that's been spoiled
So I'll continue later.
Set looks sweet so far.

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