Monday, April 9, 2012

The Story of Passover: Mushroom Kingdom Edition

Long ago, the people of the Mushroom Kingdom were the slaves of the wicked King Bowser. Bowser was having a bad day and decided to be extra evil, so he ordered all the babies thrown to the piranha plants. But one mother wanted to save her baby, and so she hid by a warp pipe, waited for a Yoshi to pass by, and tossed the baby onto the Yoshi's back instead.

The Yoshi adopted the baby and named him Marioses, which means "Taken from a crazy lady". Marioses grew up to be big and strong and a really good jumper, but he never knew his true past.

One day Marioses saw a Fire Flower. The Fire Flower spoke to Marioses. It said, "Marioses, remove your hat, for you stand on holy ground. I am Shigeru Miyamoto. You will be my mascot. Go to Bowser and tell him to let my princess go."

Marioses traveled to the end of the level and confronted Bowser. "Let my princess go," said Marioses. "No," said Bowser, "Bwahahaha."

Marioses ran behind Bowser and grabbed him by the tail. Then he spun Bowser around in a circle and tossed him at a conveniently-placed explosive grenade.

Then he freed the princess and they all celebrated with a delicious cake!

The end

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