Monday, April 2, 2012

First day of spring quarter today, and I had a full four out of five classes to go to.

First off in the morning it was the freshman seminar, "So You Think You Can Write". This is a class about writing. I was on the waitlist, but just this morning I found out that a couple people dropped it and I'm enrolled in the class proper, so yay, I guess. For the first meeting we talked about what we'd be doing in the course, and we set personal goals for writing. I already did that six weeks ago when I decided to write here once a day, every day. I'm halfway through the textbook, too. So I guess I have a head start!

After that was COM006 "Myths and Legends". We went over the syllabus and the instructor did a bit of lecturing on what exactly "myths" and "legends" are. She has an interesting accent. It's like triangulating between Indian, British, and American. Her name is "Archana Venkateshen" so that seems to support the Indian bit. Anyway, instead of writing a formal essay, we're going to be retelling a myth or legend for our final paper. Now that's an assignment I can get behind.

And then ENL10A, which is the lit history class. After going over the syllabus stuff, we looked at that one passage from that one play with the thing about England. You know, that one with the...stuff. Something about a demi-paradise and a seat of Mars and a...moat, or whatever. Anyway, we read that bit.

Then I had an hour-long break during which I inflated my sagging bike tires--they've been squeaking for air. I also bought an egg salad bagel at the CoHo for a late lunch.

Finally, PLS005 lecture. That's the gardening class. The instructor here has an interesting accent too. Eastern European, sounds like--maybe Russian. I couldn't say for sure. Well, in any case, I'll have to get up bright and early tomorrow to get to my 9:00 AM lab where we will be planting...chrysanthemums, I believe? Flowers of some sort.

And that's what I did today. More or less.

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