Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So I'm biking to school, right, and I'm going through a roundabout, turning left, minding my own business. And this girl comes up behind me and tries to pass me on the left so she can turn right. Except I'm turning left, so I hear her shout "SHIT" behind me and then she crashes into me and falls over. So now I'm feeling pretty bad because even though I couldn't have known she would try to do that, it still feels like it's kind of my fault, right? I mean, I'm fine, I didn't even wobble, hardly, so I stop for a second to mumble "Sorry" and then keep going...like, it's not as if I should have been signaling the turn. It's a roundabout...that would be pointless.

Anyway later I tripped and fell on my way out of lecture so I guess it's even.

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