Saturday, May 26, 2012

Alien Hallway and Indie Gala V

Well, first off, there's another bundle to toss on the pile: Indie Gala V. For $1, I get four games. Uh, well, eight games, sort of, but...well, anyway...

Making History: The Calm and the Storm is a WWII strategy game, turn-based or something, I dunno. I'm assuming it's supposed to be like a Civ clone. It's got that whole "Risk" map and there's diplomacy and I don't even know. I guess I can try it.

Beat Hazard I already have from the Groupees bundle a while back. I've logged 15 hours on it and I think it's a fun game. This one doesn't have a Steam key, it's just a DRM-free download. But hey, since I already have it, I'll give it away instead. Post a comment on this entry if you want it.

Razor2: Hidden Skies is another shoot-em-up. Didn't I just get that Arkhelom 3D game, like, just yesterday? And Really Big Sky before that? Well, I guess you can never have too many shoot-em-ups...?

And then the last game is Ironclads except that it's actually five games. It's the "Complete Collection" which means it includes Ironclads: American Civil War, Anglo Russian War 1866, Chincha Islands War 1866, High Seas, and Schleswig War 1864. So, five different games. Except from what I can tell, all five games are, like, the same. So I'm just going to count them as one game.

So, dumping those on the to-do list, then. I wonder if any of them are any good.

Anyway, I also played Alien Hallway. This game is like a tug-of-war thing. There's your base on the left, and the aliens on the right, and the aliens send out aliens to try and kill you and destroy your base. However, you also get to send space marines out to go and fight the aliens and destroy their base. So you have aliens and space marines duking it out in a hallway.

There's various different types of units, and you get air strikes, and some of the units have grenades that you have to manually click when you want to use them. And you use Engineer units for resources--they roam around collecting energy from nodes to keep you summoning more guys.

Basically all you do is click on stuff when it's lit up. It's pretty easy. I beat the whole game, as a matter of fact--took me three or four hours, and I got five stars on every mission too.

So it's an easy game, but it's fun and cathartic. I wouldn't say it's the best game I've ever played, but it successfully entertained me for several hours, so I think it's a dollar well-spent.

Speaking of beating games, that's not the only game I beat today.

I finished off the campaign mode in Alien Shooter. It took me a total of three hours to play it through to the end.

Those last levels got pretty intense. Giant laser rocket dinosaur aliens all over the place.

I took this screenshot at a relatively calm section of the level. Yeah that's right, ten dinosaurs with freaking laser beams attached to their heads are marching right at me and that's relatively calm. You should have seen the part where I had to run right into the middle of a giant nest of them to plant dynamite at the portal where they were spawning. Sorry, not one nest, three nests, in three different corners of a large room so that they surrounded me as soon as I walked in. I kept dying until I managed to find the Magma Minigun, which is the strongest weapon and the only one that can reliably kill the dinosaur aliens.

After several deaths I succeeded in destroying all the portals and exterminating every alien in the facility. Except, of course, for the one little green frog alien who gets to survive and escape as a hook for the sequel. All in all, it was pretty epic, and a healthy portion of fun. I'm willing to give Alien Shooter my official thumbs-up.

Okay, how's my list looking?

  • Alien Hallway
  • Alien Shooter
  • Alien Shooter 2
  • Altitude
  • Alien Zombie Megadeath
  • A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda 
  • Arkhelom 3D
  • Astro Tripper
  • The Baconing
  • Ballistic
  • Beat Hazard 
  • DeadEnd Cerebral Vortex
  • Defense Grid: The Awakening
  • Depths of Peril
  • Disciples II: Gallean's Return
  • Explodemon
  • FlatOut
  • Future Wars
  • Gear Grinder
  • Greed: Black Border
  • Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes
  • Hack, Slash, Loot
  • Inferno+ 
  • Ironclads
  • Lunnye Devitsy
  • Making History
  • Madballs in...Babo: Invasion
  • Plain Sight
  • Razor2
  • Really Big Sky
  • Slydris
  • Sol Survivor
  • Tobe's Vertical Adventure
  • Tompi Jones
  • Trapped Dead
  • Twin Sector
  • Unstoppable Gorg 
  • Wake
Geez, that's quite the list, isn't it.

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