Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's been a while since I've actually played FunOrb. Apparently I'm still a member over there.

I guess they have a couple good games. Arcanists is fun. That's where it's nice to have the membership. You get to mess around with a much wider, more interesting variety of spells. Like the cogs or the water books.

And there's Orb Defence, but that's really just another Tower Defense I guess.

Tomb Racer is okay. Troperiffic. Wouldn't say it's worth subscribing for, though.

Sometimes I still pop in to Dungeon Assault to top off my orbs, but I think I've pretty thoroughly exhausted the available gameplay--it's too repetitive. The strategy is too simple. Three spies and a knight. Spies find the path. Use the knight to crush known monster rooms, use the spy to pass known trap rooms, and if there's unknown rooms check em with one of the spies. Too easy. And the only strategy for defense is to basically have a random coin-flip assortment of traps and monsters, spending extra on demon lords if you really want to.

Sumoblitz is cool too, but I already beat it and it has no replay value.

It's kind of dumb that they charge monthly. I'd rather dish out a one-time fee per-game.

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