Thursday, May 3, 2012

At first I was excited because the new Indie Royale is headlined by Dungeon Defenders. I've heard good things about that game, and I'm interested in trying it out,

But then I looked at the rest of the lineup and...come on, really? All those other games look totally lame.

Containment is a block-swapping puzzle game with zombies. And I never play games like that. And if I did, I would just play Tetris or whatever. Just because you have zombies doesn't mean your game is cool.

Data Jammers and Brainpipe are both about going down tracks without hitting obstacles and that's just not interesting. I have Audiosurf if I want to run down a track collecting some blocks and dodging others, and I have 1...2...3...Kick It! that looks a lot like Brainpipe, and I never play it.

This Weird Worlds game looks...worth trying, I guess, but I looked it up and apparently not only is it not even on Steam, but the original version of the game is why wouldn't I just download that for free instead?

So basically, the game I wanted to get in a bundle (Dungeon Defenders) is finally in a bundle, but the other games in the bundle are crap. And the bundle is five bucks...which is more expensive than buying Dungeon Defenders by itself during a Steam sale. So...sad face.

Anyway, it looks like I'm passing on this one. I'm sure there will be opportunities to pick up Dungeon Defenders on the cheap in the future for better value than this.

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