Thursday, May 10, 2012

So today was pretty uneventful.

Now that I've finished The Dresden Files I decided to re-read it because seriously. I chomped through Ghost Story again between last night and today, and now I'm going back to Storm Front. I haven't decided which book is my favorite. I guess you could say I never had a favorite--never really felt like I needed one. Aye?

Apparently I'm supposed to write some essays and stuff for next week. So that's also a thing. I've set aside some time tomorrow to do some work on that. Tumbling some ideas around in my head for my myth/legend/folktale rewrite. The story of John Henry from the machine's point of view? The story of Persephone via Persephone's diary? Hades's diary? Or maybe through the letters that Hermes might have delivered back and forth between the characters during the crisis? Who knows.

Didn't do anything terribly interesting in class. Statistics discussion was boring. English, we talked about some erotic poem about a flea. Myths & Legends was some lecture or other. All pretty mundane. I had noodle soup for lunch and ramen for dinner.

Weather's getting hot. Very sunny. Much better for biking than the cold and wind, though, of course.

Watched the newest episode of The Legend of Korra on the Nickelodeon website. Bolin is funny in a Woobie sort of way, but Tenzin didn't show up at all. At least the airbender tots got a scene.

Anyway, that's pretty much what I did today.

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