Thursday, May 31, 2012

Humble Indie Bundle V!

Oh, that's right. Now I remember why I used to snap-buy these indie bundles. Because they were Humble Bundles.

Now that the new Humble Bundle is out, it's a little boggling how much those other bundles pale in comparison. This is an insane lineup. I mean, I haven't even played any of these games, but I've actually heard of them. Like, all of them! Look at that. We have Bastion, which I've heard is awesome. We have Psychonauts, which I've heard is really good. We have Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which I've heard is legitimately creepy. We've got Limbo, which I've heard is good. And we've got Sword and Sworcery, which...I've never heard of before now. But still!

I already own Amnesia (a survival-horror game) from the Potato Sack bundle a while back, and I can't get it to run on my computer, which is disappointing. But I've had my eye on Bastion for a while; I'm very pleased to scoop that one up. It's some sort of Action-RPG where you rebuild a post-apocalyptic world, and there's this narrator with an awesome sexy deep voice.

And I actually recognize Limbo mostly just from this video, which I thought was pretty cool, and to a lesser extent this other one which I also enjoyed. So now I want to play it. =P

And then there's Psychonauts, which in fairness I don't know a whole lot about...but I watched the trailer and it looks really good, and I've heard other people say they liked it, so I am happy to be snapping it up.

I watched some gameplay footage of Sword and Sorcery, and apparently it's an adventure game that was originally for iPad, ported to PC. I'm not too excited about it, but it's basically a free throw-in here, so I'll take it.

So yeah, snap-buying this, and snap-beating the average as well to get the beat-the-average bonus (which is Bastion).

The bundle has already raised more than $1.6 million and sold over 200,000 copies in its first day. Holy. Crap. And honestly, I'm not even all that surprised. These are big-name games at a dirt-cheap price. Even if you don't beat the average for Bastion, it's three really awesome games (and Sword & Sworcery) for only a dollar! Or less! Plus their soundtracks! I think this is the best value since Humble Indie Bundle 4.

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