Sunday, May 20, 2012


How did I end up playing this game for three hours?

This is a slow-paced game. I get unlimited time on each move and I keep going until I hit the top.

I started playing just one game, and it kept going and going. It just wouldn't stop.

It's called "Slydris" because it's like Tetris in that you have to clear horizontal lines, except with sliding. It's turn-based. I slide a piece, then more drop from the top. Then I slide another piece, and it drops more.

I guess this is the sort of game that people who like puzzles will probably enjoy. It's also something I could see playing casually on an iPad on the bus or whatever.

I know I ended up playing it for several hours straight, but it's hard for me to say that I really like it. Mostly I felt like I owed it to the game to at least keep going until I died. Which I did, of course, at level 10 with over 600,000 points.

But okay, as far as these sorts of puzzle games go, I guess it's not bad. I dunno. I don't usually play these sorts of games, and it's very hard for me to feel strongly about them.

What bothers me is that I feel stupid when I start to mess up. It makes me imagine a little voice saying "No no no, you should have done [obvious other move that I didn't see] instead! You suck at this game!"

Anyway, I'll check it off the list.

  • Alien Shooter
  • Alien Shooter 2
  • Altitude
  • Alien Zombie Megadeath
  • A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda
  • Astro Tripper
  • The Baconing
  • Ballistic
  • Beat Hazard 
  • DeadEnd Cerebral Vortex
  • Defense Grid: The Awakening
  • Depths of Peril
  • Disciples II: Gallean's Return
  • Explodemon
  • FlatOut
  • Future Wars
  • Gear Grinder
  • Greed: Black Border
  • Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes
  • Hack, Slash, Loot
  • Inferno+ 
  • Lunnye Devitsy
  • Madballs in...Babo: Invasion
  • Plain Sight
  • Really Big Sky
  • Slydris
  • Sol Survivor
  • Tobe's Vertical Adventure
  • Trapped Dead
  • Twin Sector
  • Unstoppable Gorg 
  • Wake
I have to add some more now, though, because I ended up getting the Indie Gala 4 after all. >_>

  • Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded, the sequel to the first game
  • Altitude, some game with dogfighting planes that's supposed to be multiplayer or something
  • DeadEnd Cerebral Vortex, some sort of surreal labyrinth dreamland
  • Disciples II: Gallean's Return, some sort of turn-based strategy type of thing
  • Lunnye Devitsy, like an exploration-based platformer, I think
  • Really Big Sky, a "bullet hell" shooter
  • Wake, some other exploration-based platformer I guess
I hope they're at least a little good.

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