Friday, May 4, 2012

Alien Shooter

You can tell this game is old-school because the max resolution it runs in is 1024 x 768. It even has an option to change the green blood to red. And it's password-protected! How quaint.

It's a top-down isometric deal. Move with the WASD keys, aim and shoot with the mouse. The guy's legs rotate around independently of his torso, so that tells you something about the quality of graphics ten years ago. Has it really been almost ten years since 2003? Time flies. Is this what games were really like back then? Huh! So anyway, sneak through the hole in the fence...

Wow, this is legit old school. Look at those graphics.

So the aliens should be inside the building, right?

Oh yes, giant frogs with sharp teeth.

Gunning them down is actually pretty fun. There's that visceral satisfaction, you know?

On the downside, their pathfinding AI is absurdly bad. They get stuck around corners all day long. You can see them bunched up in the upper-right there, yes? They can't find the door. They're trying to run through the wall to get at me.

At the end of the level there's this interface for buying gear and weapons--there's money scattered around the level to collect to pay for it. I bought a shotgun because there's nothing quite like that big BOOM, right?

So my first impression is that it reminds me of the FunOrb game Hostile Spawn. Main difference being that, at least so far, this game is not as scary. Hostile Spawn is all darkness, lit by strategic use of your flashlight, and the aliens sneak up on you and all that. In this game...

Well, I guess this game does that too. But it does seem that the general style and gameplay is definitely very similar.

I'm not ready to give a verdict here until I've tried the Survivor mode, which will be a story for some other day because I'm going to bed. But first impression is mostly on the positive side, I guess.

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