Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shoot Moar Aliens

Oh man, don't you hate it when they turn off the lights, slam and lock the door behind you, then zerg rush you in a tiny enclosed corridor?

Anyway, I shot some more aliens in Alien Shooter today.

It got pretty intense in this level. HP dwindling, shotgun ammo almost gone, aliens rushing at me to rip my face off. Yikes. Of course I managed to massacre them anyway. Look at all that blood! It was a nailbiter indeed.

And then I got to upgrade my guy with a minigun, a grenade launcher, a speed boost, and increased firepower. I don't know what most of the stuff I'm upgrading to actually does, but I'm pretty sure most of it makes my guy more badass, so I guess I can't go too wrong.

And of course when I put the minigun into action, it sprays death wherever I click. Dakkadakkadakkadakka!

So that's some more of the campaign, but I suppose I should give Survival a shot.

Okay. A few frogs. Starting out slow.

A few more green frogs. So far so good. And a blue boss frog, that's cool, he drops a shotgun, very nice.

Okay guys, you're getting a little close, I would appreciate it if you would ease up a little and maybe...


Well so much for Survival.

This game is pretty fun. I like it. I'm going to give it a thumbs up. There are a few minor flaws, but it's lots of fun trying to survive while gunning down huge hordes of alien monsters. There's enough ambushes to keep things tense and exciting, the unlockable stuff is fun, and all that stuff. It's old-school, but I feel comfortable saying that it has aged well.

Now, do I wait to try the sequel until I've played this one through to the end? Hmm.

  • Alien Shooter
  • Alien Shooter 2
  • Altitude
  • Alien Zombie Megadeath
  • A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda
  • Astro Tripper
  • The Baconing
  • Ballistic
  • Beat Hazard 
  • DeadEnd Cerebral Vortex
  • Defense Grid: The Awakening
  • Depths of Peril
  • Disciples II: Gallean's Return
  • Explodemon
  • FlatOut
  • Future Wars
  • Gear Grinder
  • Greed: Black Border
  • Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes
  • Hack, Slash, Loot
  • Inferno+ 
  • Lunnye Devitsy
  • Madballs in...Babo: Invasion
  • Plain Sight
  • Really Big Sky
  • Slydris
  • Sol Survivor
  • Tobe's Vertical Adventure
  • Trapped Dead
  • Twin Sector
  • Unstoppable Gorg 
  • Wake 
 That puts me at 17/32, which means there's still a whopping 15 more to go. I'm behind.

I wanted to try out Disciples II, but I couldn't get it to run. It kept crashing every time I tried to open it. I did not foresee this problem.

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