Friday, May 18, 2012

#GiselaFTW, first flight

So I decided I'd go ahead and build a Gisela deck. I had a lot of the cards already, so I only had to spend a small handful of tix on it, like 4.

Here's my list so far. Still in progress. Probably going to have to buy more cards like Land Tax or Swords or whatever.

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Played a few games. Won 2, lost 2, etc. Gisela is very good if she sticks. So far I've mostly been using her to one- or two-hit with commander damage, which she is pretty good at. I added Faith's Shield and Otherworldly Journey on top of the standard boots to help make sure I can untap with her, but I feel like I want more redundancy. I'll probably add Steelshaper's Gift as another copy of Lightning Greaves that can turn into a Bonehoard in a pinch.

Savage Beating has been pretty sweet. In one game, I got to end of turn White Sun's Zenith for a bunch, then untap, Savage Beating, and kill two players. (White Sun's Zenith is sweet too, of course.) I'm considering doubling up with Aggravated Assault or Waves of Aggression, but not sure.

In another game, this happened:

Turn 1 Sol Ring, ultimate Ajani Goldmane on T5 while everyone else has an empty board, play Armageddon for the win.

It happens sometimes.

Biggest flaw I'm noticing so far is that it still feels like a goodstuff deck without a strong central theme. There are a few little combos, but none of the themey goodness of Mayael or Rhys.

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