Thursday, May 31, 2012

Indie Royale Graduation Bundle

I dunno, at first I used to feel great about snap-buying these indie bundles, but I've gotten more conservative now. This new Indie Royale bundle, for example.

There are five and a half games in it--the sixth one is a beta so it doesn't count as a whole game.

The Void is one of those ones that just looks weird and surreal. The trailer is a mix of giant grotesque otherworldly horrors and naked women with bare breasts. No idea what the actual gameplay is supposed to be like or even what genre it's supposed to be. And it's like 5 gigabytes. There's a very good chance that I just skip this one completely because it seems dumb.

Dead Pixels looks cool though. It's a 2D shooter game where you fight zombies, and it's got like RPG elements and randomized levels and such. I watched the trailer for this one and it had actual gameplay footage in it, and I thought it looked pretty cool.

The Ship looks extremely lame, though. Like, it's some sort of multiplayer game where you are a secret assassin and you can't let the other players know you're an assassin, and someone else is also an assassin trying to kill you, and you've got to kill the other people without getting killed or letting slip that you're trying to kill people...I don't know, but it sounds more like a thought experiment than an actual fun gaming experience.

1000 Amps and LaserCat interest me. They're both platformers with simplistic graphics and an emphasis on exploration. They remind me of VVVVVV, which I liked.

And lastly AirMech appears to be a multiplayer third-person top-down shooter game, and it's still in beta. So it's probably buggy or some crap.

So I'm not really sure whether I want to buy this one. I'm interested in Dead Pixels and LaserCat and 1000 Amps, but The Void and The Ship look like garbage. And I don't know if the Beta one even counts. The minimum price is over $5 right now too, which is at the upper range of what I'm willing to pay for these bundles. The awkward part is that LaserCat and Dead Pixels, the two games I'm most interested in, aren't on Steam.

Okay, what the heck, there are a couple ones in there that look good. I'll buy it. I'll even toss the weird ones onto the Quest for Value pile, just for value. Let's hope it works out cuz it's like double what I normally hope to spend on these things.

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