Friday, May 25, 2012

Indie Face Kick

Here's another bundle called the "Indie Face Kick". It's $1 for three games. Only one of them is on Steam, though.

The only one on Steam is Alien Hallway. But I watched the trailer and it looks kinda neat. I'm interested in trying this one out. Apparently there's aliens in a hallway, and that's the plot right there. This is by the same guys who did Alien Shooter, incidentally.

Arkhelom 3D is some sort of shoot-em-up game. It's only on Desura; I can't download it directly. That's awkward. I wonder if I can use Steam to make a shortcut to a Desura game. In any case, I watched the trailer for this one too and it looks...well, pretty standard, I guess. I'm willing to try it out, for value.

And then the third game is called Tompi Jones, and it claims to be inspired by Donkey Kong Country, so I assume it's like a platformer. But it's not a real game. It's just an Alpha. The actual game isn't finished. And I don't get to upgrade my Alpha version to a real version once it is finished. So I'm not even sure that it really counts. I can see what it's like, but no promises here, I may just end up leaving it on the sidelines.

There are two other games if I pay more than, like, some other threshold or something, but it's just another Alien Shooter and some underwater thing, and no Steam keys for them. I ain't paying an extra four bucks for that.

So that's the Indie Face Kick. I hope it doesn't suck.

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