Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bastion is a cool game. So is Psychonauts.

Oh yeah, I definitely see why the critics liked this game so much. This is a sweet game.

I mean, look at that art. For starters, it's just legitimately beautiful. And a screenshot doesn't show you the music, which is a great folk-guitar atmosphere. And the voice-acting, with this great narration for everything. It's polished and, yeah, a genuine work of art.

And it's fun. It's hack-and-slash action-RPG goodness, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Already played for about two hours so far. Good stuff. I've been on keyboard and mouse so far because I haven't figured out how to enable my controller, but I know it's possible, so I'll get it.

Anyway, I'm going to have to play through this one to the end, I think, because I like it. Good value so far!

I'm also trying out Psychonauts. Played through the tutorial ("Basic Braining") and enjoying that one as well. It's some sort of action-adventure game...I can't think of an obvious classification beyond that, but it's fun. I should probably take some screenshots, I guess. There's a good chance I play this one to the end as well. I'd call it even better value, since you don't even need to beat the average to get it--you can pay $0.01 and start downloading the game right now. Or for $1 minimum, get a Steam key too. (Or you could ask me for my bundle key. I'd let you download it off my profile if you asked nicely. *shrug*)

The bottom line is that Humble Bundle is only getting more and more awesome. Some of the best value out there. Support charity, whatever, I heartily endorse the thing, you should buy it.

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