Thursday, June 28, 2012

Defend More Dungeons

Today I played a few more rounds of Dungeon Defenders with Django. The problem is that my character is 40 levels higher than his (he's 31, I'm 71). This makes things awkward. Luckily, it balances out a little because it turns out I'm, uh, well... not very good at the game.

We were playing Survival because that's the mode of champions (common knowledge). If we'd both been at Django's level, we could have done Medium, and if we'd both been at my level, Insane would have been appropriate, so we split the difference and played on Hard. First we tried the Hall of Court. My proximity mines did a good job of handling all the foot soldiers, but the giant ogres ended up breaking through (which was my fault--I should have killed them with my absurdly large flamethrower of death before they could get to the Eternia Crystal, but I wasn't paying close enough attention).

Then we tried the Servants' Quarters, and ended up dying there too. We could have managed it with better planning and more efficient defending. Those fire-resistant necromancer dudes are a pain in the neck, though... immune to my flamethrower, and they refuse to walk out of the doors to step on my traps? Pff that's like cheating.

Actually, if I'd just stood next to the crystal and gone AFK, my laser robot pet probably could have singlehandedly cleaned up any enemies that got past the traps. The problem was that that with the sheer number of enemies, I ended up running around repairing my traps to keep them from running out of charges (which Django couldn't do because at his level his casting rate is crap).

It would be better with three or four players. Miles wasn't online, though.

Dungeon Defenders is still great fun, even when I'm sucking at it. It's a testament to the game's inherent fun-ness. I also picked up some mana to max out a few pieces of my gear, which is probably not the most efficient use of my mana since I'm sure my gear is relatively mediocre, but it means I got to rename them to silly things like "Gloves of Glovery".

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