Thursday, June 14, 2012

I just finished another Dungeons of Dredmor run. This time I played on Elvishly Easy mode because I wanted it to be quick. Mostly I just wanted to try out the combo of Wand Lore + Piracy, and, as a secondary goal, to get the "It Has A Knob On The End" achievement for maxing out the Staff skill.

So my skillset was Staves, Dual Wielding, Perception, Alchemy, Wand Lore, Rogue Scientist, and Piracy. And it worked okay, I guess, although to be honest the melee skills were a little underwhelming. I think the only good thing about Staves is the chance to stun. None of the other bonuses or abilities are really very good.

Perception is definitely much, much better in the new build. It now spawns loot when you kill enemies, which is pretty sweet. It combos well with crafting skills, since it's a source of supplies.

I never actually leveled up Piracy, because I only really took it for Plunder, which makes enemies drop gems when you kill them. Free gems means easy wandcrafting! I was able to easily craft fire wands, icicle wands, pearlescent wands...basically all the wands, and very early on, despite being on No Time To Grind mode with fewer resources on each floor. And of course, crafting two of the same wand means you can get infinite charges out of them by stacking and un-stacking them together, so I got lots and lots of wand charges.

Rogue Scientist is the same deal as Piracy. I only really took it for the Salvage Ooze ability, for free alchemical ooze to turn into brimstone and salt for wands.

Alchemy rounded it out to help me make some of the ingredients for wands, but in retrospect I think I could have done fine with just the alchemy boost from Rogue Scientist.

Anyway, I took the character all the way down to the bottom floor and when I opened a door, Lord Dredmor popped right out into my face and hit me for a bunch of damage! I tried to drink a healing potion, but he used a Fulminaric Bolt spell to hit me for 63 damage and basically I just died. So, looks like I got the "It's MY Dungeon" achievement for getting killed by Dredmor. Oh well.

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