Sunday, June 3, 2012


Ha! I knew it was a good idea both to not buy the Indie Royale bundle that had Dungeon Defenders in it and nothing else interesting and to not install The Void because it looked kinda lame. Now it's paid off, because today I took my unused Steam key for The Void and traded it away for someone else's copy of Dungeon Defenders. Boom! Now I got the game I wanted without having to pay for it, and I can even still play The Void if I want to cuz I can just download the non-Steam .exe file. Trading is awesome!

I tried to play some rounds of Dungeon Defenders with Django and Miles, but the internet on their end was wonky and it didn't work out, so maybe later. But it seems like a fun co-op action-RPG tower defense deal. I made a Huntress character and honestly, I don't actually know how to play this game yet. I assume I set traps and then shoot the bad guys with my crossbow, right? Couldn't be that hard. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.

Plus, I got to pull off 95 Summoning in RuneScape earlier this week.

So I can summon iron titans now, which is nice.

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