Monday, June 18, 2012

Huh, I have some Gameboy games

Interesting. Turns out I have a bunch of Gameboy games that I started and never finished. Since I don't have wifi today (I'm posting from my Kindle's 3G), I thought I would go back and try to pick some of them up again.

Problem. I have no idea where I am supposed to go. This is an issue for the Zelda games. In both The Minish Cap and Link's Awakening, I'm at the final dungeon and completely lost. Where am I? What was I doing? Where was I going? This is a little disorienting.

So I guess Zelda is a wash. Maybe I'll look them up later. What else?

I never beat Metroid Zero Mission. But I think I see where I am in this one: I'm at the final boss. And Mother Brain is HARD. For a brain in a jar, she sure knows how to kill bounty hunters. Her lair is filled with turrets and lasers that shoot at Samus and there is a pool of boiling lava on the floor. So I have to stand on these tiny platforms and try to fire missiles at the tank. Except the turrets constantly shoot me and every time I get hit, I fall in the lava and have to jmp back up, and if I get hit again I fall back in the lava and it's a hard fight, okay?

Stupid Mother Brain.

Anyway I also tried out Auditorium. Pretty neat game. There are these colored particles and the object is to get them to the right boxes to make music. You manipulate them with circular pad thingies that the level gives you. Like one pad pushes the particles up or down or left or right another makes them speed up, another makes them orbit around it, etc. Colorful game with interesting audio and visuals. I am enjoying it so far.

Been trying the "For All Intensive Purposes" bonus levels in Escape Goat too. They are definitely difficult. And fun. I approve.

I tried to play another level in Trapped Dead but ran into perfomance issues. So not today.

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