Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Noitu Love 2, cont.

Hey, I beat the final boss! Woo!

The final boss has this first form which is like where she's just inside a giant ball of zappy energy, so you blow up the shield generators, then attack the shield to break it. Then she goes into a giant mecha robot, and you destroy the gems on her arms to make her reveal the gem on her head, which you break. Then the ultimate form is just her with flying superpowers and giant energy attacks, and you have to dodge her attacks and hit her when there's an opening. After that the credits roll!

I thought I was done, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover an extra story mode where you play as Doppelori (or whatever the robot girl's name is), which is awesome! She plays differently from the default character, Xoda. Instead of a sword, Doppelori has a gun, which charges to shoot lasers. She also has different dash attacks and a slide and did I mention giant charge-beam lasers?

Little-known fact, the Victorian era was crawling with zombie robots.
So now I get to play through the extra mode, which, by the way, I am going to do, because this is a fun game.

Yeah, I thought this game looked cool the first time I saw the trailer, and my first impression of it when I initially tried it for myself was that it's cool, and now that I've played it for the...two hours? it takes to beat the story, I am ready to conclude that it is indeed a cool game.

Don't fear the reaper, Doppelori!
This was in the Indie Royale, right? Yeah, it was bundled with Escape Goat. Okay, so that's an awesome bundle and you should buy it. Wait, is it over? Yeah, it's over. Okay, well...uh...it's five bucks on Steam, maybe pick it up the next time it's on sale. Great game. Thumbs up.

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