Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Indie Underdog Pack 2

Eh, okay, why not.

The Indie Underdog Pack is a collection of obscure indie games. That's why they're underdogs--cuz nobody's ever heard of them. 48 Chambers? Drains? Clone Wolf? What the hell are those supposed to be? I've certainly never heard of them. And they're not on Steam either.

But hey, the trailers look okay. I guess I can pay four bucks for this. Probably. I admit the ASPCA isn't the charity I would have picked, but they do have a picture of a dog there, so...*shrug*

Tesla: The Weather Man is a platform game where you play as Nikola Tesla. Tesla can control the weather because he's badass. But Thomas Edison has gone crazy, and he's created an army of evil robots (powered by DC electricity)!

I have to admit, that's a pretty cool premise. There's platforming and some puzzles and some RPG elements and you get to team up with Mark Twain. So it's got to at least be worth a try.

Drains is a platform game. Uh...I guess that's all I got from the trailer. There's some stuff about, like, an underwater world, or something like that. Some sort of action-adventure platformer...or something...I dunno.

Ichi looks really cute. It's a puzzle game that looks like something you'd play on your phone. Minimalistic crayon graphics and a simple control scheme and some puzzles. There's this thing that you bounce around the levels to try and get to the goal. I could see it being a fun diversion.

Clone Wolf is an action game where you play as a guy who can clone himself, so you can control up to 32 guys at a time. Which is weird. I don't know what to think about it, but it does catch my attention.

48 Chambers reminds me of Super Meat Boy or N. You have to run through a level filled with spikes and bullets and buzzsaws and stuff and get to the end without dying. It looks reasonably okay.

I'm willing to try these games out. I mean, I got loads of unplayed games already, but...value...

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