Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hmm, apparently there's a website dedicated to clearing out backlogs of unplayed games. It's called Backloggery.

I think this is a cool idea, so I started an account.

It's a little weird looking at such a huge clump of unfinished games compared to the ones I've actually beaten. The numbers are a little skewed, though, since I haven't added all the games I've played over the years. Not that I've beaten all of those either, of course, but it would give a more complete picture, wouldn't it?

It sadly doesn't have an option for "Played for an hour", which makes it more difficult to keep the Quest for Value rolling in the same direction on the Backloggery track as it has been over here.

There's a "Now playing" feature too, for tracking games you're currently playing (duh). You mark the game as "Now playing" in your collection, and it displays at the top of your profile along with a note explaining where you are in the game.

The Goomba-looking bad guy is the villainous Bak'laag, who gains power from people's uncompleted video games; the only way to vanquish him is to beat all your unfinished games.

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