Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trapped Dead (again)

I guess I had the wrong idea in my last attempt at this section of this level in Trapped Dead--apparently the cafeteria door was unlocked and I was supposed to go through that way instead of trying to fight back through the way I came. Whoops.

So this time I go the right way. The guy with the bat goes first, with the doctor following behind. The hallway opens into a room with a bunch of tables and a few zombies wandering around.

The zombies are spread too far apart to be a threat to me, and I manage to take them out without much difficulty. I find some more ammo and a save point outside, but the exit is through the kitchen, and it's blocked by a giant zombie with a cleaver.

I guess that means I get introduced to traps. Shooting the fire extinguisher causes an explosion. That's definitely good to know.

So I try it once and die--it turns out the fat zombie butcher has a lot of HP. One explosion doesn't kill him. There's a second fire extinguisher around the corner, but two explosions isn't enough to kill him either.

I manage it anyway, though--one explosion, then the other, then empty the rest of my clip at him and he goes down. With the way clear, my guy and the doctor make it safely back to the car to help my guy's wounded friend.

...Well, maybe not. The doctor sees that he's been bitten and shoots him in the head instead because he's infected. Um...awkward, I guess.

Hey, how come I couldn't go back and stop the bleeding as soon as I found the first aid kit? That's what it's for, isn't it? Using a first aid kit on a party member makes them stop bleeding. So I should have been able to use it on the bleeding guy from the get-go. What's the deal, game?

Anyway, then they go to a bunker where they receive a transmission on the radio from the Sheriff, who's trapped in the prison surrounded by zombies. The first dude (what's that guy's name?) wants to try and rescue him, but the doctor says that's suicide with their limited supplies and argues that they should go to a gun store to arm themselves. Looks like I get to choose.

...So I guess it looks like I'm still playing this game. Huh.

I think Backloggery is influencing my gaming habits now that I've started using it to track my video game library. It doesn't have any setting between "Unfinished" and "Beaten", so it pushes me towards, well, beating all my games.

Is this a good thing? I don't know. It's a different strategy, I guess. Maybe there's something to it.

I mean, I also finished The Baconing today. Took me 12.4 hours to run through the whole story mode. But I rescued the Barnacle Queen from the Cyborques, mowed Zeus's lawn, became the Patron God of Orphans, destroyed the Thongs of Virtue, and defeated the Anti-Spank to save the world. It was a pretty decent game, I guess, all things considered. And now it's in the "Beaten" basket instead of "Unfinished".

If I wanted, I could even replay it on the higher difficulty to go for 100% completion. That would be...I don't know. I mean, I never did find those peanuts that Ganesha wanted.

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